The Company

Paco Engineering was started in 1983 as a splinter group from the well established group of companies, P W Pampe Engineering. Situated in the Northern Industrial area of Windhoek,it stands on 4000 m² of which 1600 m² is machinery under room.

The company is one of Namibia’s leading general and precision engineering companies and continually strives to ensure customer satisfaction and the consistent delivery of high standard products. The business provides an apprenticeship program for welders and turners. The extent of the facilities and the continuing improvement of technology and equipment has ensured that this program provides an environment for the apprentice to master the many skills required in his choice of field.

It currently compliments a staff of 43 employees, a private company that is in the process of becoming BEE accredited. It supports the New Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEEF) which is aimed at the development and growth of the Namibian economy by bringing the previously disadvantaged into the main stream of economic activities.
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